Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Huge “WISP” Casting News


deborah funes 3

From Argentina, by way of Miami, I am thrilled to announce Model, Actress and Latin TV Star Deborah Funes has joined the cast of "WISP" as our female lead.

Deborah has appeared in TV Commercials, Lingerie Ads, on popular Latin TV shows, including shooting her own TV Pilot and most recently has appeared in feature films.

She’ll be joining the cast as female lead “Commissioner Gray Williams” who is working along side Larry Laverty and Joe Kelly to solve the case of what seems to be a Copy-Cat Serial Killer who has just shown up.

The addition of Ms. Funes locks down our ‘Principal Cast’ including Larry Laverty, Marie Madison and Jeremy Krukowski. The supporting rolls are next to cast and this part of the process takes the most time.

You can follow our progress at the Official “Wisp” Web Site here.

And speaking of progress, I’ve been working with CGI Artist Ginna Glaze on the Story Boards for this film, and the first batch of them are coming around.

Here’s a tease:


On “Blood of Ohma”, I did the story boards by hand, in sketches. I decided to take a different approach on “Wisp”, or rather a giant leap forward in technology.

The CGI Software not only creates a more rich and realistic scene, but it allows me to experiment with different camera lenses, depth of field, and even allows me to visualize and approximate the 3D effects in the film.

Yes, even my story boards are done in 3D now. I can already hear the scoffing from my detractors and cynics all waiting for me to get over the ‘3D Trend’. Even though “Texas Chainsaw 3D” made more money at the Box Office this weekend than the 2D version of “The Hobbit”.  But I digress…

Lots more news to come in the next few weeks and months as we ramp up to Principal Photography on “Wisp”, which is schedule to begin in July.

- Paul

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